Tuesday, January 17, 2017

five weeks of growth in the green house

For those who have been following the progress of the green house, here is an update from today. 

I have put in a series of pictures to show the progress  

5 weeks ago
4  weeks ago 

3 weeks ago .. we had the right temperature, but were giving too much light so they were getting strong and looking good but not growing fast, so we started shutting the lights off at around 9pm  

2 weeks ago they started filling out 
 we then hung the rope for them to climb on .
1 week ago  they started sending out feelers to hang on to the rope

today they are now beginning to climb the ropes 

Emma has the aquarium with water in it and the water balanced ready for the fish to arrive  The first batch is coming with a fish importer who will be helping us with this process. 

Dustan is doing great and settling in nicely.  It is so great that Aigoola could get custody of him and he is now registered and back in school.  He is all fives (five is the top marks in Kyrgyz grade schools ) Jengish is thinking he may graduate with honors 

Today Jengish met with the current owner of the ranch to inspect the documents and put down the deposit.   All looks good and we are in the process of transferring funds when the banks are finished with their holds .. 

Happy Happy Happy

There was so much joy and excitement in Larissa's neck of the woods over the last couple weeks.

Tanya and Larrisa receiving vitamins brought by a teem in the spring 

Together with her daughter Tanya and their friends, they prepared Christmas bags and delivered them and had parties with about 270 men at the men's home, about 30 people from the dump and 18 families who lost their homes in a fire a few years back .   

The gifts may have been small, but when you have nothing, they are beyond compare .. 

Here is a little video of more of the excitement 


You may have spotted this picture in the video, and remembered this young girl  We have known her and been helping for a long time 

  I went through these older photos an came across some of her pictures as she was growing up.  

One more time, we would like to express our thanks to everyone who donated to the pie challenge or who participated in the challenge.  You make it possible for us to bring a little joy into the lives of those who may be hurting this holiday season, and to let them know that they are not alone.   you made them 
Happy Happy Happy 

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Growth at -10

The cucumbers have begun sending out their feelers now , so it is time to string them up. 

But first Emma had to stop for a little visit with her babies that came over to say hello. 

The ropes are hung above the cucumbers and dangle over them, and then the plants will grab them and start climbing up. 

Emma did some soil samples today to keep an eye on the PH levels, they were right were they should be. 

The cucumbers are not the only things on a growth spurt !Dustan has gone on a growth spurt as well  and had grown out of his clothes and needed a new coat, so he came into town with Emma and Jengish  They went to my friend at the bazaar, then back to their apartment for the night . 

Ulukbek was able to get all his teeth fixed thanks to one of our generous sponsors .  Life is so much better when you are not in pain. 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Blessed to be a blessing

last week I shared a story of a family who had twins that were not doing well until they started receiving vitamins and supplements . We wanted to bring a further update to that story. 

children sitting up and playing now 

mud brick home 

We had a few goats donated to go to families in need, so we decided that this would be a great home for one of those goats .  The milk will be great for the kids. 

handing over a new milking goat 

Something I have found is that no mater how hard you try, no mater how much you do, when blessing some one else, The blessing will always return to you even greater .. by greater I don't always mean monetary, here is a great example.  

fresh home made bread to bless us

Stop for a moment and think about the sacrifice that this mother made and the heart she put into baking this fresh bread for Jengish and Emma .. She is so thankful that her children are getting the support of nutrition .. We know the sacrifice that they have made, and we are blessed and overwhelmed by it .   I realised several years ago that   "We are blessed so that we can be a blessing to others"  what is also true is that we are blesses WHEN we bless others .. 
Thank you to every one who makes it possible to do what we do .. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Blind and Deaf societies Blessed by a simple actofkindness.

This last week Acel has been busy in bringing Christmas with her friends to the Blind society and to the Deaf society. As well there were kids that for one reason or another were not able to make it out, but that did not stop them from receiving gifts when the team visited to their homes .  Here are some photos of the last few days .. As you are looking at them, just imagine if you were one of these kids. Thank you for everyone who has been donating to the pie challenge .. this is part of your donations at work. 


Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Fine tuning the green house.

Things are coming along great at the green house.  We seem to have the temperature and the light all in balance now.   We are working on the humidity levels next. they are stable in the 65% to  85% zone until we open the doors to cool the house down, then we loose the humidity

what we will do next is to put in an air exchange system that will bring in a small amount of cool air over a longer period of time.  It will be thermostatically controlled and will have defusing  vents running the length of the green house . 
The next load of coal arrived today .  I had forgotten about the green house when I calculated how much coal we were going to need this winter , so this should do us . 

The boys have started breaking up the soil in the second green house , next they will need to turn in the compost and bring the humidity levels up .  This week we will start the tomatoes in seed beds in the first green house , and will be ready to move over here in about a month.  

Jengish brought the nice camera today so that he could get some nice pictures of the new and not so new boys .. 

Denis just turned 18 and has been waiting for over a year until he could come and work on the farm .. 

Roma had a little time of reflection away from the farm, but is now back and doing well . 

Ulukbek in the barn with some of the boys that were working with him as Jengish had the camera out.

Back in Emma and Jengishes apartment they are working on setting up the incubating tank for the first batch of fish fry. Soon enough we will have our own breading pairs and will be producing about 800 to 1000  fish a month. 

We are also now working on importing the methanol needed to get the bio diesel   plant up and running. I am hoping that we can get this going when I get back in March. 

Back in the city we sponsored a burger party for a group of students.