Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Help bring Emma and Jengish to Canada to have a baby.

Yesterday we shared the exiting new about a baby on the way.  

In preparation for this we have made some organizational changes.  Emma will need to be in Canada for three months before her health insurance kicks in, so we will be changing things up right away.  Emma and Jengish will be coming to Canada in the end of July and Julie and I will return to Kyrgyzstan in the middle of August. 

We try not to travel to and from Kyrgyzstan in the middle of the summer as the flights are more expensive then .  To get them home, cover insurance for Jengish, and pay the extra to get Julie and I back, we need to come up with $5000 right away . 

We have prepared  a little incentive for any one that would like to help us.

Many of you have or know about the beautiful blankets that Aigoola makes.  They are the warmest most comfortable blankets you would ever use. 

We have brought an extra special one of these blankets home with us. It has been made with 50 % more filling in it. 

For the next week, up until June 28th, for every donation of $100 or multiples of $100 made toward help with flights, I will put your name in a draw for one of these beautiful comfy blankets.  So far we have one donation in for $300, so their name is in the draw 3 times ..  

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Exciting news .

We have some exciting news, and at the same time a great need.  Emma sent this letter today ..

"So the news is out!!!! We are so excited to announce that in the end of January there will be a new addition to the Odigski family!!!!!

Jenish and I are working on getting everything set at the farm to be able to come home to Canada for the rest of the pregnancy and to have the baby. We will be living at our home near Norwood, Ontario. With this new adventure coming up we need help to get home! We are working on getting the money in place for tickets so that I can be home with time for health care to kick in during the pregnancy and birth. We are planning to be home by the beginning of August to Peterborough area. .While home, Jengish and I would love to come and visit and share our adventures.  Mom and Dad will return to Kyrgyzstan early August to help look after the farm.    We are so thankful and really appreciate that we have so many people praying for us and supporting us."  

We will be needing to purchase the tickets as soon as possible.   Travel insurance for Jengish and flights for the two of them will be about  $4000, as well for Julie and I to return earlier in the summer  we are at a peak time so so our flights will be about $500 each more then usual .  

We will try to figure out some ways of raising some of these expenses, but for now we would really appreciate any support possible .. 

We have been working towards this transition at the farm over the spring, and we have most of the responsibilities divided up among our other coworkers with each taking on a bit more responsibility , but as you can imagine Jengish and Emma will be hard to replace in Kyrgyzstan, but great representatives of Actofkindness here in Canada and the US.  Please pray for a smooth transition and the necessary finances to pull this all together. 

Thursday, June 08, 2017

update from the airport

It was an exciting week.  The biggest news to report right now is that Bekah has graduated.  She completed a dual diploma from both American University of Central Asia and Bards Collage of NY. 

This week Bekah cleaned out her locker , and moved to her new office at the University where she will be teaching starting in August . 

We had a fun day with everyone and a couple groups of guests from the farm last week as well.  We went to the waterfalls, then to the yurt for lunch where we had the eagle hunters visit and the horses there for people to ride.  The best part was sitting on the deck in the afternoon and watching all the animals coming and going . 

We finished the new light and the hood over the kazans as well as replaced the one that got burned out when the boys were "keeping an eye on it " 

we also got the floor painted and the back splash up behind the counters. 

I did a walk around the farm before we headed for the airport   everything is coming along great .  There will be tomatoes to pick very soon and the little sticks we planted last year are already starting to get apples on them. 

We have the gardens divided into 10 sections , this section is the beats .  We have finaly gotten ahead of the weeds here . 

Olga had a couple great events for Children's day.  the one I was able to attend was for the kids that came from families that had children with disabilities in them .. there were about 20 disabled kids, but with their siblings and other family members, that brought us to about 70 kids that day .. there was games, icecream, pop, toys, food hampers and clothes given out.

Back at the farm we moved the pigs to the barn over on the boys side, then the barn where the main house is got all cleaned out and painted .  We have moved the Holstein and one of the goats back down from the mountain .. they are a bread that does not do as well in the mountain, so will be nice to have a milk cow at  the home farm  . 

 The hospital waiting room air conditioning fund is coming along well .. we just need another $300 US and we can get them installed

Well they are calling our gate now so I will post more later ..

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Inside the Son is shinning.

If you have been following us on Facebook you will have seen our adventures up at the yurt.  Yesterday there was a storm that blew threw. It sure was an adventure , once again we withstood the rain and the winds, but at times it was a little scary.   
This morning it was still raining, and I could not help but think of those at the hospital waiting to have their sick babies looked after.  Up until now they would have been out standing in that rain, but now things are a little different.  

It may be wet and raining outside but inside the Son is shinning.   

Today , Tokmok has one of the finest baby centers in the country, but what makes it so great is not the building but the incredible staff that work tirelessly for the children. 

Dr Anara was the driving factor behind this project, and the reason we came on board was more because of our respect and belief in her.  

Along with being in out of the rain, another big step up is that the new clinic has washroom facilities and baby changing facilities.  it may not seem like a big deal but try standing in a line out in the rain for hours with kids , no place to sit down, and no place to use a washroom ..   The new face of the Tokmok Baby hospital is built to bring and show respect to parents and children especially at a time of crisis. 

We do have one more thing that we would like to do before we call this project finished, ( you know exceedingly and abundantly more then you could ask or imagine, and all that, )  In the summer, temperatures can become unbearable , up over 100 degrees for many days in a row.  In keeping with our desire to bring dignity, respect and comfort to families, we would like to put in an air conditioning system before the summer heat hits.  The cost will be about $700 US.   The impact of this will be recognized by hundreds.  

We are down to our last week here in Kyrgyzstan.  Still a lot of little things to do before we leave.  We want  to have all the renovation work done before we go so that all that is needed is to maintain the crops, animals and the guest house until we return in mid August.  

Rebekah had her last state exam yesterday, so she is now officially finished her University program.  She is excited that she has actually been hired on at the university teaching starting in September.   What a great feeling of accomplishment that has been for her .  Bekah and Lilly celebrated buy coming out to spend the night with us at the yurt.  Julie was looking forward to a peaceful night , something that Bekah would remember. 

Well it did turn into a night to remember all right .. the first blast of wind was a sand storm around 8:00 then at around 1:30 it returned from a different direction but this time with the rain.  


Wednesday, May 24, 2017

another catch up post

Last week we celebrated Emma's Birthday .... in true Kyrgyz style .. where else do you put road flares on a cake. 

Over at the main house, we are fixing up their laundry facilities as well.  Today the are making the clothes line bigger and cleaning up the long grass under it. 

You have not experienced a sun set until you have st at the yurt and watched it set over the Chui Valley.  The last guest there only got a few hours sleep, he spent the night outside starring up at the stars 

We were able to do a few outings the last week with the kids from the farm, Like this day up to the fish ponds 

Many of the guests have left tips for us to take the kids on outings .. This is such a blessing for them.  They get to have fun but more importantly they are starting to associate hard work with great opportunities.   I just love that we can do these outings with them , and the guests on the farm all like to join in.  

Once again I would like to thank everyone who supports the farm and makes it possible for our kids to experience "a good life "

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

sit·com /ˈsitˌkäm/

Children's day is fast approaching June 1st is a big day in Kyrgyzstan.   We usually   help out with several celebrations around the valley.  We have already had a few places contact us to see if we can help again this year .. generally we provide gifts and celebrations for about 500 kids .  What we need is about $1000 , that would give us about $2 a kid .. If you would like to sponsor a few kids, please use the link on the right side of the blog.  

Here is a children's celebration we did a couple  days ago.  We had our friend Princess Anna (from the movie Frozen ) here with us, so we went to Red river orphanage and brought the movie , pop corn and juice.  The kids loved spending a little time with Anna and especially getting their photos taken with her . there were about 120 kids that day.  It would be so cool if we could get some of the photos printed and add them to a little gift that would be an awesome Children's day gift for them. 


We also brought them enough vitamins to last until the fall.  Emma and Julie met with the nurse and went over everything with her. 

Back at the farm we are putting the final touches on many of the projects from this spring.    With the new laundry room and washroom in the middle house, we were left with a wast water pipe running above the ground.  We decided to cover it with a rock garden.  It turned out great. but there were a few places that we needed to get over the pipe so we have been building some bridges and steps.  The boys are even staring to get creative. 


We juggled things around a bit.  The sewing room that was in the middle house is now in the room that was the tool room, and the tool room is now in with the automotive shop.  This has worked out great.


Over at the main house there was an old lean too that had been uses as a garbage bin.  Several times I have gotten it all cleaned out and wanted to make a tapchan there, but would arrive with the wood only to find it full of garbage again.  so it never got done.  Then a week ago they all came to me and said that they had a great idea... They think it would be cool to make the garbage bin into a tapchan.  WOW GREAT IDEA.. I should have thought of that ..hahaha.  The timing was great , we have a couple from Germany staying at the farm right now who wanted to help around, and he is a wood worker.  So we put him on that with the boys. It turned out great.  we still need to varnish and paint it, but we will have to wait for the wood to dry a bit first .. it is a good job for some teams in the fall. 

Green house is doing great .   Now we need to go in with a paint brush and dab all the flowers to do some pollination.      Now that the garbage is moved, they came up with another idea to separate garbage and do some recycling .. WOW GREAT IDEA.. We should have thought of that hahahaha. 

The last couple days we have started eating salads at supper time with salad from the garden. 

Off the side of the new laundry room we have put up a clothes line that will hold about 5 or 6 sets of sheets at a time .  its a nice clean place to dry clothes and it has the new steps to the back door of the Laundry area. 

In the new work shop our friends visiting are working on making a fold down seat in one of the rental vans.  They have had Marat working with them.  It has been a great learning time for him. Here he is showing how the rear bed tips up so that there is access to the engine compartment. 

We have started to get a lot of bookings for the guest house's.  This has meant a hole new area of organization so that we don't get over booked, especially when we are getting bookings from and a couple others.  We tired several on line methods, but what is the best is still the old fashion reservation book we used at our family motel when I was young.   So we made a book and had a meting with Nick and Aizada to show them how it is done. 

Marat has Just one more appointment to monitor the progress of his eyes.   It is totally amazing all the work that went into this whole process.    Acel has pages and pages of reports, tests and receipts keeping track of everything .  It is such a difficult system to navigate, we are so blessed to have her here to help.  

As we are starting to wind down now, I am sitting at the table in the second house doing internet and paper work, and I look out the window into what only a month ago was a flat empty lot with not a blade of grass that was the goose pen.    Now it is a beautiful garden that is so lush and peaceful.  

I mentioned a lot of activity in the guest house.  The Yurt had had a bit of activity as well .. Here some guests are hitching a ride with Ulukbeck back down the mountain.  I had an empty seat in the Hunter, but on a beautiful day like this the back of the truck was more fun. 

Julie loves how the Yurt top is actually a sun dial that travels around on the inside and she is now able to tell time buy its position.  We are thinking we should wood burn some numbers into the wood floor. 

 With all the guests and all the beauty that surrounds them in this beautiful land, what is for them all is the wonder family that exists on the farm.  Over and over again they tell us how the kids have made them feel so special and part of the family. 

 Each and every one of the farm family is unique and has individual quirks, but together they make up a such a special Mosaic.. Or a Tapestry ..Or maybe just the makings for a SITCOM.  Then through in some guests from all over the world and there you have it .. 

sit·com /ˈsitˌkäm/ 
 noun    informal 

A situational comedy about a group of individual characters who are involved in different funny situations.